Use of Cookies

Subsequent is explained how this site uses cookies. If you continue to stay on this page, you agree to our use of cookies.

On this website, we use the Web Analytic System MATOMO in order to measure and to analyze the visits at our website. We use your IP address to collect data like the Internet traffic, the used browser and/or computer.
This information is analyzed for statistical purposes. You remain anonymous as a user.
For more information about the Open Source Web Analytics Software MATOMO see

In addition, cookies are used. A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer when you visit a website. If you visit the website again, the cookie shows that it is a repeated visit. The cookie does not contain personal information. The cookie does not identify you to the websites of third parties, including the site of the analysis provider.
Furthermore, cookies can be used to save your preferred settings like language and country, so that these are available on your next visit.
We do not use the IP addresses or cookies to identify you personally.
We use the web analytics system to increase the efficiency of our website.

We have tried to list all the cookies that we use. Please note that this list is partially incomplete and will be gradually updated.
If you notice a discrepancy, or think that a cookie is missing, please let us know via the contact page.


  • Matomo puts a session cookie (valid until browser restart): _pk_id.*
  • Matomo puts a visitor cookie (valid 27 days): _pk_ses.*

Matomo makes the IP addresses anonymous and respects the DNT header (Do Not Track)
* represents the dynamic part of the cookie.

These functional cookies collect information about the usage behavior of the visitors on our website. We use this information to create reports and to improve our website. These cookies aggregate information like the number of users, from where a user comes and/or which page was visited.